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Vitoria’s Stephen Curry

Vitoria’s Stephen Curry

Ein modern basketball The triple has become one of the most used offensive resources by most teams. They are thrown by the point guards, the forwards and even the centers. Is an increasingly recurring and profitable solution in almost all attacks, especially if you have specialists on the payroll from that distance. You can attest to this Baskoniawho two seasons ago signed Markus Howard (Morristown, New Jersey, 1999), one of the best ‘snipers’ the market offered.

The American base 1.79 m and 25 years old, an accomplished three-point shooter, took Barcelona ahead (103-96) with a great display in long-distance shots. finished with 37 points after scoring eight triples with a 36% success rate (8/22), one more and with more efficiency than the entire Barça team (7/22)victim of his lethal grimace.

The NBAalways a pioneer in the world of basketball, was the one that opened the ban on the triple a few seasons ago, an open bar promoted worldwide by the media Warriors and its excellent shooters, with Klay Thompson y Stephen Curry to the head. The teams of the universe FIBA, almost out of pure inertia or mimicry, they give more and more importance to this offensive weapon. And the Baskoniasaving the distances, has its own Curry in Howardwhat In 1 of his 22 games he has made four or more triples.

Record of triple attempts in the ACB

In his umpteenth outdoor shooting exhibition he made eight triples in 22 shots which he did from beyond 6.75 m., record of attempts in the history of the ACB League. The previous record was held by the legendary Oscar Schmidt with 19 attempts in the 1993-94 season. Precisely in that game, the Brazilian power forward established what was then the record for triples scored in a game by scoring 11 (11/19 with a formidable 57.9% effectiveness) on the court of UCAM Murcia on matchday 27 of the 1993-94 season. A record that lasted 20 years, until Jacob Pullen, American point guard for Barcelonabeat him in the 2013-14 season with a sensational 12/15 (80%) in a match on the Frum Valladolid field.


Triple player leader of the Endesa League

Markus Howard leads that statistical classification this season with 72 triples in 22 games (he missed two). They follow him Kwan Cheatham (Covirn Granada) with 61; Stefan Mornirov (Breogn River), 56; and the Dreamland Gran Canaria players AJ Slaughter y Nico Brussino47. Furthermore, the Baskonista is the top scorer of the championship (17.9 points on average).


Seventh best average in history

The percentage of triples scored by Howard (3,3) It is the seventh best in the history of the League. Oscar Schmidt‘Mano Santa’, holds the two best records:4.7 in 93-94 and 4.2 in 94-95 (with a superb 48.5% success rate). And behind him Charlie Bell, from Breogn (4.2), Baskonista Velimir Perasovic (3.6) and Taqwa Piero, with Murcia (3.5), the same as Jarrell Eddie, from Burgos. The Obrera player Alberto Corbacho (3.3), the first Spaniard in that ranking, signed 3.3, like Howard now.

His prolific grimacing has made Baskonia is the second in the League with the most triples (253) only behind the Real Madrid (255).

Things can change very quickly and players and people must be patient

Markus Howard (Baskonia Player)

Patience and faith in the team

But his success has not been enough to amend the Baskonia’s irregular progress in the League, where it is ninth, one win away from the playoffs. “Things can change very quickly and players and people have to be patient,” she said in an interview for ACB.com last December, a phrase that could well be applied right now, with the qualification for the title playoffs on the horizon. His confidence in the Vitorian club is total: “I have faith in this organization and the people who make it up.”“.