Home News Visitors to Epstein’s ‘pedophile island’ reveal cellphone data leak

Visitors to Epstein’s ‘pedophile island’ reveal cellphone data leak

Visitors to Epstein’s ‘pedophile island’ reveal cellphone data leak

The mapped coordinates show the routes people took to the site from July 2016 until the financier’s arrest in July 2019, according to Wired

Nearly 200 people have taken multiple trips to disgraced financier Jeffry Epstein’s Caribbean island, according to data obtained by Wired. A convicted sex offender allegedly trafficked and assaulted minors and women on Little Saint James, earning him the nickname “Pedophile Island.”

Epstein was also known to invite influential and wealthy individuals to exclusive getaways. A document newly uncovered by Wired pinpoints up to 166 locations of potential visitors or potential victims from around the US and the world to and from the island.

Individuals were tracked using data from their mobile devices. The visits took place between 2016 and Epstein’s final arrest in 2019, years after his 2008 conviction for procuring a child for prostitution, according to Wired, which analyzed data provided by Near Intelligence.

Epstein's victims are suing the FBI

Many coordinates mapped by Near Intelligence lead to multi-million dollar homes in many US states. Others come from lower-income areas where Epstein’s victims are known to have lived and attended school, including parts of West Palm Beach, Florida. Police and a private investigator said they found about 40 of Epstein’s victims there, the newspaper wrote, adding that it was still unclear how the data was collected or what it was used for.

In January, newly released legal documents created an extensive list of people allegedly connected to Epstein. Among the more than 100 named were former US President Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew. The latter, who was among the powerful men accused of abusing the girls, settled out of court with the accuser in 2022.

Epstein was eventually arrested in 2019 and charged with trafficking dozens of minors. He died while awaiting trial in a Manhattan jail cell a month later, officially ruling his death a suicide. Epstein’s girlfriend and ‘madam’, Ghislaine Maxwell, was convicted in 2022 and sentenced to 20 years behind bars for child sex trafficking. He is currently appealing the verdict.

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