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Vishwa Ijtema has 7 levels of security

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The first phase of Vishwa Ijtema will start next Friday. Even though there is no threat of sabotage in front of Ijtema, law and order forces have announced to keep 7 levels of security.

Chief of Police Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun, who visited Turag Tir in the morning, said that strict vigilance is in place to ensure that no one can destroy communal harmony by using social media.

The overall preparations for the first phase of Vishwa Ijtema on the Turag shores of Tongir are almost over. Pilgrims have also started coming from different parts of the country to participate in Ijtema.

Law and order forces have taken various measures for the security of this largest religious gathering of Tabligh Jamaat. RAB Director General M Khurshid Hasan said after visiting Ijtema Maidan that although there is no specific information about the sabotage, there is surveillance by land, air and sea to deal with the situation in coordination with all the forces.

RAB Director General said, ‘Ijtema area and its surroundings have been ensured by increasing intelligence surveillance in white clothes and increasing patrols in uniform. Besides, search operation is being conducted. RAB’s stationary team, bomb disposal unit and adequate striking and reserve force are kept ready round the clock to deal with any emergent situation.’

And Police Chief Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun said that 15,000 policemen are working to provide security for this year’s Ijtema. Not only the Turag shore, but also the surrounding areas are under surveillance.

Inspector General of Police Chowdhury Abdullah Al Mamun said, “Strict action will be taken against anyone who tries or plans to destroy the religious atmosphere here through terrorist or sabotage activities.”

Maulana Zobair supporters are participating in the first phase of the 6-day Ijtema. After a break of 4 days, the second phase started on February 9. Maulana Sadpanthi will participate in it.


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