Home News Violent conflict in Rakhine bordering Bangladesh, thousands of people are fleeing

Violent conflict in Rakhine bordering Bangladesh, thousands of people are fleeing

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In the Rakhine state of Myanmar, bordering Bangladesh, fierce clashes are going on between the army of the ruling junta and the insurgent group Arakan Army (AA). Thousands of people are fleeing this state. Myanmar’s local media Irrawaddy reported this information.

Locals said the conflict in Arakan has spread to Buchidong in the state. Buchidong is only 30 km from Teknaf in Bangladesh.

Earlier on January 15, the insurgent group Arakan Army (AA) claimed to occupy Paletwa town in Rakhine State. The group’s spokesperson, Khain Thu Kha, said, “We have captured Paletwa, a port city on the banks of the Kaladan River. The city is very important for commercial transactions with neighboring countries (Bangladesh and India).’

The Arakan Army said on Friday that they have captured Pakta, the most important port city in Rakhine.

Since then, a fierce fight started with the army and the Arakan army. The Arakan Army is now desperate to take control of the entire Rakhine state.

The local media The Arkan Express News reported that for the past few days there have been counter-attacks in Arakan. Junta forces attacked a Rohingya village in Buchidong with heavy weapons last Thursday. It has been reported that three people have been killed. However, it was not possible to verify the fact that they were killed.

Last Friday, two houses in Buchidong were burned by bombs. However, it is not yet known which party dropped the bomb. Thousands of local residents are fleeing the area in fear. It has created a fear of crossing the Bangladesh border and entering inside.


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