Home Sports Vinicius will not play for Madrid again until City!

Vinicius will not play for Madrid again until City!

Vinicius will not play for Madrid again until City!

Ehe himself gives that Ancelotti recover Bellingham (before him Athletic on March 31) after serving two games of suspension, will lose Vinicius for the same reason. The Brazilian saw yet another yellow card for protesting, completes the cycle and says goodbye to playing with him Real Madrid for almost a month. Never play in white again until City on April 9. Now he arrives at the national team break, then he will serve a sanction against the Athleticnew break for the Copa del Rey and return for the Champions quarterfinals already next month.

In the same way that Vinicius He has been scoring in the League for three consecutive days, also chained three yellow cards in a row that will force him to rest the next day to receive the Athletic at the Bernabu. Another yellow for protesting the referee. Another yellow one that nobody likes at all. Ancelotti. Another yellow, in short, which represents the fifth and penalty. The Brazilian was not satisfied with a decision of Martinez Munuera and I protested in a way that the referee considered inappropriateadmonishing the player due to the anger of his coach on the sideline.

31 yellow! in the last three seasons

In the last three seasons, Vinicius He is the second most cautioned Real Madrid player in all competitions. With Osasuna, they are already 31 yellow! those that the Brazilian has seen, who is only surpassed Camavingawho has been shown 34 yellow.

Apart from the yellow controversy and the corresponding sanction, Vinicius He was once again decisive against Osasuna and has scored for the third consecutive day. Double against him Valenciagoal against Celta and again he saw the door with health. The Brazilian consolidates itself as the second top scorer of Madrid with 17 targets and he already has in his sights Bellinghamwhite Pichichi with 20 goals.