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Vinicius ‘succeeds’ Neymar

Vinicius ‘succeeds’ Neymar

Vini Jr will be the great protagonist of tonight’s Spain-Brazil. Not playing at home, but feeling at home, which at the end of the day is the Santiago Bernabu. The clash will be a vindication against racism, a flag that the Madridista flies. Some will acclaim the Brazilian. All be Viniciusauthentic leader of the Brazilian team without any discussion and captain in the Bernabu.

Vinicius Junior arrived at the World Cup in Qatar inhibited, without being that brave and risky player, which Real Madrid already was, but who was prevented by the honors of others from being himself. Neymar’s presence and other footballers left the Madrid player in the background, who saw his team eliminated from the World Cup sitting on the bench in a incomprehensible decision of Tit.

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A year and a half later the story is quite different. Vini is the boss. He does not need to wear a bracelet (common honors for Marquinhos) to be more than anyone else. Colleagues know that at any time and situation there is the Real Madrid player to solve any football problem. “Winning again after some games without doing so is very important, because a generation is coming to make history,” he said after the victory against England.

Full trust

His audacity, his insistence, his ability to decide games, have been the guarantees to elevate Vinicius to the category of leader of the five-time champion team. The role that he has been acquiring little by little at Real Madrid It has also helped him feel safe, confident in everything he tries and does. Everything is a repetition of his day-to-day life on the white team. His people admire him and his rivals respect him the most.

The Brazilian team has undergone a profound transformation in the last year and a half. The failure experienced in Qatar led to Tit’s departure and although they hoped to see Carlo Ancelotti on the bench, they opted for Dorival, a coach from the house to make way for that generational change that he so needed. Neymar’s injury, without a doubt, has also helped because The ex-Azulgrana was the king of Brazil.

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All the coaches took office upon arrival, and they knew that Neymar was in charge. In Qatar the team’s game requested the presence of Vini, but in complicated moments, the ropes always break on the same side. The Real Madrid footballer remained silent and admitted a situation that right now is just the opposite. Football has put him in his place.

Real Madrid trio

Nobody disputes that he is one of the best players in the world and the authentic leader of a Brazil that arrives at the Santiago Bernabu more Real Madrid than ever, with Vini as a reference, Rodrygo as a faithful squire and Endrick as a star, with the countdown to his arrival at the Real Madrid, underway. “Our group is very good, we are all friends. “We’re very happy for Endrick, to come in and score that goal… He’s very happy,” Vinicius commented after the victory against England.

Brazil’s need

Brazil needs to have a great tournament, win a title to regain that status of a respected team in any corner of the planet. Vinicius is also looking for that great moment with his national team. The Bernabu is the next station and he knows that that match can come in the stadium that has seen him grow and become a world reference. He lacks that round match and Tuesday may be a good occasion to do it.

Valued and respected in his country, the striker knows that his numbers must improve. He has made 27 appearances with the senior team, with only three goals to his name. Little for what he is capable of doing, especially in the last two seasons, in which he lives in a permanent love affair with the goal and in which it is so complicated to give assists.