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Vikings new song ‘Zighangsa’ is coming

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Popular band ‘Vikings’ in the country’s music scene. In 2022, the band completed 25 years of their journey. On this occasion, a song named ‘Hayto’ was released. Almost a year has passed since then. This time the band is releasing their new song ‘Jighangsa’ after taking a break. Written by Antara Gomez.

It is known that it is going to be released in the form of video today at 7 pm. Which is created with the help of AI technology. The band members took part in this music video made like an action game, but the characters were painted in the form of animation.

Regarding the song ‘Jighangsa’, the band’s vocalist Tanmoy Tansen told Independent Digital, ‘Jighangsa means – the desire to make love. The song also has the theme of a form of intense anger or hatred building up to revenge. Maybe the events are not caused by anyone, but due to various reasons, such feelings or thoughts are created in people’s minds. Those things have come up in this song.’

Addressing the fans, Tanmoy Tansen said that the song was supposed to be released six months back. But it gets delayed due to various engagements. Now it is releasing after recording, mix-mastering.

Incidentally, Vikings was formed in 1997. Two years later they became the best band in the ‘Star Search’ competition. However, the party became inactive in 2003 due to disagreements and arrogance. After 10 years in 2013, Vikings returned to music with the film ‘Runout’ directed by Tanmay. Some of their notable songs include ‘Apeksha’, ‘Bhalobasi Jare’, ‘Abshehe’, ‘Elomelo Kramash’, ‘Din Jati Dukhak Tat’, ‘Neel Hobo’ etc.

The current lineup of the band consists of—Tanmoy Tansen (vocalist), Shubo (guitar), Azmain Adil (guitar), Ziauddin Sopan (bass guitarist), Mahbub Chowdhury (keyboards) and Sushi (drums).


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