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Video release of Jovan with wife, story coming

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Popular actor Farhan Ahmed Jovan got married on January 12. Even though he got married, he kept his wife’s name and identity a secret. Only on the day of the wedding, around 9 pm, he posted a black and white picture. Meanwhile, Jovan released a 37-second video on his Facebook page on Saturday (January 20) evening.

In the shared video, the wife’s face was blurred, it was not clear who she was? He wrote in the caption, ‘Our story.

The video shows a foggy morning. Jovan walks holding his wife Nirjana’s hand. A play song by Jovan plays in the background, ‘Some morning I first saw you, I made you mine in the depths of my heart.’ And the story of Jovan and Nirjana is written in the video.

Earlier, the actor was contacted to know his post-marriage plans and feelings after marriage. He said, ‘I will talk about everything after January 31. Can’t say anything right now. I am very busy. Feelings say and whatever they say, I will not say anything now.’

After searching, it is known that this actor has organized a big wedding. The event will be held in the capital. Star personalities from different fields will be present there.

Meanwhile Jovan’s wife’s name is Sajin Ahmed Nirjana. His house is in Old Dhaka. He is studying in a private university. The two had known each other since before marriage. However, the marriage is arranged in a family way. The actor did not want to reveal his wife or details immediately.

Note that Jovan entered the entertainment arena in 2011. He has been acting continuously for 12 years. Apart from the small screen, he has also acted in films and web content.


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