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Victory Day is celebrated in Melbourne

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In a grand display of national pride and cultural richness, Melbourne’s expatriate Bangladeshi community celebrated Bangladesh’s 52nd Victory Day. South East Bangla School in Melbourne celebrated Victory Day on December 16 at Brentwood Park Community Centre.

Prominent freedom fighter and known face of Bangladesh community Atiku Rahman, senior lecturer of Victoria University Dr. Lutfar Khan and social worker Dr. The event, attended by notable guests including Ahmed Sharif Shubo, witnessed joyous celebrations among the Bangladeshi community. Former cricketer Aminul Islam Bulbul was unable to attend due to unforeseen issues, yet the evening unfolded with a mesmerizing performance and heartfelt tributes to the heroic freedom fighters.

The program started with warm greetings on Victory Day and a warm welcome by Dina Chowdhury, President of South East Bangla School. He expressed sincere gratitude to the freedom fighters whose great sacrifice paved the way for the country’s victory.

Since its inception, South East Bangla School has been trying hard to strengthen the cultural bond of Bangladesh with the new generation. Australian-born Bangladeshi children add a different dimension to the children-teenagers’ presentation of Bangladeshi culture through song, poetry, dance and drama.

South East Bangla School founder Mahbub Chowdhury praised the outstanding performance of the students and highlighted the school’s success in building a strong connection with Bangladeshi heritage.

Local singers and members of the Bangladeshi community performed Victory Day songs, choruses, folk songs and jokes. The venue echoed with joy as participants dressed up in traditional Bangladeshi attire celebrated the event on Victory Day. The event was not only limited to the Bangladeshi diaspora, but people from other South Asian countries also joined the celebration highlighting the significance of the event in building multicultural bonds.

South East Bangla School in Melbourne celebrated Victory Day on December 16 at Brentwood Park Community Centre.  Photo: Author

The Victory Day venue was transformed into a mini-Bangladesh. Where there were stalls full of delicious Bangladeshi pithas and traditional food along with displays of Bangladeshi clothes and jewellery. The drawing competition organized for children adds an artistic touch to it, as children showcase their artistic skills by creating beautiful pictures of Bangladesh’s villages, landmarks and rich history.

This event, marked by festive frenzy and cultural richness, stands as a testament to the efforts of South East Bangla School in presenting Bangladeshi heritage to the next generation. Beyond geographical boundaries, it acts as a bridge to connect the youth to their roots, instill a sense of belonging and maintain family ties with relatives in Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s 52nd Victory Day celebrations in Melbourne truly encapsulated the spirit of unity, pride and cultural heritage.


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