Home Sports Verstappen wants to stay… but warns Red Bull that there is "key people" that they can’t leave

Verstappen wants to stay… but warns Red Bull that there is "key people" that they can’t leave

Verstappen wants to stay… but warns Red Bull that there is "key people" that they can’t leave

AAlthough there has been much speculation Red Bull, everything remains the same. They have the best car on the grid and one of the fittest drivers, who although has been linked to Mercedes, is going for his fourth consecutive world title. That is why, given all the noise that has been made, the energy drink team has focused on its sporting performance.

Max Verstappen has expressed that they are trying to isolate themselves and focus on racing: “We all want the same thing, and we just want to do our job on the track, so that’s what we want to focus on as a team.” Still, he is also aware that there will continue to be a lot of speculation.

“The problem is also that it is not just within the team, from the outside, there is a lot of speculation, right? And that is something that cannot be controlled,” he assured. Your solution is to focus on what depends on the team: “The only thing you can control is to focus in the same direction within the team, and I think that’s what we’re doing.”

There is a great deal of speculation. That’s something you can’t control.

Max Verstappen, Red Bull driver

His contract with Red Bull

“That’s why I signed the agreement,” He responded forcefully to the question of whether he would fulfill his contract with the team. based in Milton Keyes until 2028. His objective is to make history with his current team, with which he has been linked since his arrival (Toro Rosso): “My intention is to be here until the end, because it would be a great story, for me personally, to see it until the end, because it means that I have been part of a family and a team.”

The “key people”

It was clear a few weeks ago and it still is, his intention is to continue on this team, since It wouldn’t make much sense to abandon one of the most dominant cars of history. “I am happy within the team, it is very important that we try to keep the key people in the team for longer, because that is also where the performance is,” explained the Dutchman.

It is very important that we try to keep key people in the team for longer.

Max Verstappen, Red Bull driver

He has been asked many times about these “key people”, but He didn’t want to clarify anything: “At the end of the day, it’s a performance business, it’s the same as if I didn’t perform, I wouldn’t be sitting here, so I know how it works.” He has only mentioned the topic again, but without being very clear: “Many people. I am not going to name them because then people already know.” His connection, even contractual, with the future of Helmut Marko (an open door to leaving if the octogenarian Austrian does), underlies this litany that he always lets out.

Red Bull is not going through the best moment

“I have always felt comfortable because for me it is like a second family. In a family, sometimes there can be, how would you say, disagreements, but, you can’t choose the family, you can choose friends…”, he said, evidencing I know there are quite a few internal problems in the team.

“I would like the conversation in the paddock to be a little more about what a great car we have, but I hope that comes little by little.” Although he does not like people talking about the Horner case and everything that happens in the Red Bull pit, He is aware that it will continue to be like this.

Mercedes rumors

“I can understand it. It doesn’t have any impact on what I would do. But it’s always nice to hear. Toto and I had our little moments, but that’s normal between two teams fighting for championships. But the respect has always been there. So For my part, it doesn’t change anything,” said Mad Max about the rumors of a possible arrival at Mercedes.

It’s always nice to hear Mercedes’ interest

Max Verstappen, Red Bull driver

“What year do you mean? I don’t know. I don’t know what will happen after 2028. I don’t know if I’m going to stay in F1 or if I’m going to continue. Maybe I’ll sign a new contract. I still don’t know,” he responded to the question. whether he drove for the German team.