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‘Vegetarian’ Kohli really ate chicken tikka?

by Afonso
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Virat Kohli’s Tuesday’s Instagram story is a sight for fans! Concerns started among the fans, but did Kohli remove the name from the vegetarian book?

Adherents have good reason to think so. Chicken was once one of the favorite foods of Indian batsmen. But the Indian batsman dropped it due to the need of fitness. Kohli has kept himself away from non-vegetarians for several years. Kohli also candidly admits how much such a diet has helped him take his fitness to unprecedented levels. But he is the one who shared the picture of ‘chicken tikka’ on Instagram!

It goes without saying that this picture will create a storm of discussion at the moment. But did Kohli really eat chicken tikka? That answer, however, will calm fans worried about Kohli’s comeback.

There is a Shubhankar loophole in the Chicken Tikka image. The photo that Kohli shared on Instagram of eating chicken tikka is basically ‘mock chicken tikka.’ It is not made from animal meat, it is made from vegetable meat. And for that reason it will be considered vegetarian.

Soya is used instead of chicken to make Mock Chicken Tikka. For years, vegetarian versions of chicken and meat items have appeared on the market that are made with soy. They look like real chicken. There is not much difference in taste either. Suddenly no one can tell the difference between it and real chicken. Essentially the ‘mock’ version of chicken is made entirely of soy.

Kohli’s fans have reason to worry about whether or not he eats non-vegetarian food. A few years ago, Kohli was suffering from spinal problems. Kohli had to change his diet because his body was excreting excess uric acid. And that’s why he turned himself into a vegetarian.


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