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Uttara Express train was closed in the face of losses

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Uttara Express mail train on Dinajpur to Parvatipur Rajshahi route has been declared closed indefinitely. Asim Kumar Talukder, General Manager of Western Railway said that this decision was taken due to losses.

As a result, this train will not run from today Friday.

Asim Kumar Talukder said that the Uttara mail train will be closed from today. As there is no income from this train, the railway has to count the loss. Trains are mostly empty at night. As a result such a decision has been taken.

However, the general manager did not give any answer to the question whether such a decision was taken due to the fear of sabotage. He said that the engine and manpower of Uttara Mail train will be used in intercity trains.

It is known that not only the Uttara Mail train, but also some other trains may be taken such a decision.

Earlier, due to shortage of staff, Uttara Express trains were suspended in July this year.


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