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User account information can be seen in the chat itself

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The popular messaging platform WhatsApp is bringing new features. Recently, the platform owned by Meta has come up with another new feature. Only Android users will get the benefit of that feature.

According to a report by WEBtainfour, with the new WhatsApp feature, a user will be able to see everything from the name of the other user to other important information within the conversation. The feature is called Profile Info. The other side’s profile information will be visible even when the user is offline.

According to WhatsApp, this initiative to increase the visibility of profile information in chats highlights WhatsApp’s commitment to user preferences and feedback. Simply put, someone sent you a message. The message came from an unknown number. You no longer need to tap on the profile separately to find out who he is or his identity. Instead of navigating to the chat info screen, users can get all the information within the chat.

The feature will now increase the visibility of users’ profile information, according to WABetaininfo. This ensures that others in the conversation are aware of any changes. This feature is currently under development. The feature is said to roll out to all WhatsApp users in a future update.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is working on another feature. This is the voice chat feature. With the help of this a user can join the WhatsApp group very easily. Live chat with members of a group can be done through voice chat. You can also send text messages. When you start a voice chat, other members of the group will receive push notifications. Along with that, there is also a chat bubble, where users can join by tapping.


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