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US partnership with Bangladesh will continue: Vedanta Patel

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The United States’ partnership with Bangladesh will continue, said Vedanta Patel, the principal deputy spokesperson of the US State Department. He said this in a press conference on Monday.

In response to a question from reporters at the press conference, Vedanta Patel said, “There are many steps in deepening our partnership with Bangladesh and these steps will continue.”

When asked about the steps taken by the United States regarding partnership with Bangladesh, Vedant Patel said, ‘I have already said that last year was half a century of diplomatic relations between the United States and Bangladesh. During this time, the United States continued to work with Bangladesh in a number of areas—especially climate cooperation, security cooperation.’

Vedanta Patel said, ‘Apart from government initiatives, there are opportunities for private partners to join. We believe that private partners are also important in deepening this relationship.’


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