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US observers did not find any irregularities in the vote

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US observer Alexander Burton Gray said that there were no irregularities in the center after visiting the seven centers of the 12th National Parliament election held yesterday (January 7). Even after talking to the voters, no complaints of irregularities were found.

This was said by Alexander Barton Gray at the press conference of the election observers at the National Press Club on Monday morning. At this time, he also said that the vote was found to be fair.

Alexander Burton Gray said that the number of voters who came to the election does not prove whether the election was fair or not. However, he commented that the election would have been more beautiful and festive if all the parties had participated. The US observer also said that the election process was of international standard. The press conference was attended by observers from the United States, United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland and Norway.

Earlier, the ambassadors of seven countries congratulated Sheikh Hasina for getting majority in the elections in a courtesy meeting with Sheikh Hasina at Ganabhaban this morning.

The ambassadors of seven countries are India, Russia, China, Bhutan, Philippines, Singapore and Sri Lanka posted in Bangladesh. In addition to the ambassadors, representatives of the Aga Khan Diplomatic Representative met. They congratulated Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on behalf of their respective countries for the absolute victory of Awami League in the parliamentary elections. He also expressed his strong conviction to continue cooperation with Bangladesh.

At this time, the Prime Minister also thanked them and wished for their cooperation in the development and progress of Bangladesh. Ambassadors of several other countries are waiting to meet Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.


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