Home News US diplomacy has denied that Gaza ceasefire talks are deadlocked

US diplomacy has denied that Gaza ceasefire talks are deadlocked

US diplomacy has denied that Gaza ceasefire talks are deadlocked

American diplomacy does not believe that the negotiations on a cease-fire and the exchange of hostages and Palestinian prisoners between Israel and the Hamas movement are at a dead end. US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller told reporters today after Israel stood its negotiators out of Doha on Tuesday, reportedly due to a stalemate in talks.

American media also reported today that the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked the White House for a new date for the canceled meeting in Washington, as early as next week. Miller did not confirm this, but said that the US wants to present its plan for Rafah to Israel.

Dead point

“I do not share the opinion that the negotiations are at a dead end. The essence of the negotiations implies that you leave the most difficult questions until the end. But we believe that, despite the mutual disagreement, common ground can be found,” said the American spokesman.

Rafah, a Palestinian city in the south of the Gaza Strip, symbolizes the escalation of current disagreements between the US and Israel. Netanyahu’s cabinet insists on a ground invasion of the city, where it says the last groups of Hamas fighters are hiding.

The US argues that it cannot support the invasion until Israel presents a credible plan to protect up to 1.5 million civilians there, and insists that Hamas can be eliminated in the area through milder military operations.

American representatives intended to present their proposals to their Israeli counterparts at the negotiations in Washington, which Netanyahu canceled this week, said Miller, a spokesman for the American diplomacy.

The USA did not veto the resolution

Israel decided not to send its delegation to Washington after the US vetoed a UN Security Council resolution demanding, among other things, an immediate cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, the first ever council resolution containing such wording since the war began last October.

The Lebanese press, citing Egyptian sources familiar with the plans of the Israeli army, reported that Israel plans to launch a ground invasion of Rafah after April 12, when the three-day Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr ends, following the fasting month of Ramadan, in early May at the latest.

At today’s press conference, Miller did not give a direct answer to the question of what steps the US is willing to take to force Israel, the world’s largest foreign recipient of US military aid, to comply with its demands.

Miller only noted that in order for Washington and Tel Aviv to definitively overcome some of their disagreements, it is necessary for an independent Palestinian state to emerge.

The war in the Gaza Strip continued today for the 173rd day. The conflict was sparked by terrorist attacks by Hamas militants and their allies, who killed almost 1,200 people on the Israeli border last October and dragged another 250 people into the Palestinian territory. According to the authorities administered by Hamas, the Israeli offensive has claimed almost 32,500 Palestinians, of which, according to Israel, more than 13,000 are Hamas fighters.

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