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US attack in Yemen again

US attack in Yemen again

The United States has again attacked the Houthi rebels in Yemen. The attack was carried out yesterday, Wednesday. This information was reported by the Reuters news agency citing US officials.

However, the officials, who did not want to reveal their names, did not give any details about the attack. This information was reported in the report of the news agency Reuters.

Earlier on Wednesday, the US military said a drone launched from an area controlled by Yemen’s Houthi rebels hit a US-owned ship in the Gulf of Aden. However, no casualty was reported.

The Houthis have been attacking commercial ships in the Red Sea since last November due to the Gaza war. This has slowed down the trade of many countries in Asia and Europe.

The Houthis say they are expressing solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza. After the recent US and British attacks, this Yemeni rebel group said that they would increase their attacks targeting US ships.

On Wednesday, the United States returned the Houthi rebels to the terrorist list again.