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UP Chairman to MP

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ADM Shahidul Islam of Sherpur-3 (Shrivardi-Jhenaigati) Constituency has come to discuss after being elected MP from UP Chairman. The newly elected MP started his journey with Chhatra League politics from Srivardi Government College. After that, he rose step by step from the chairman of UP and became the candidate of the Awami League boat symbol in the 12th National Parliament election. Shahidul Islam won the election by defeating five candidates by a huge margin.

After inquiry, it is known that Srivardi is a resident of Madarpur village of upazila. He is the son of freedom fighter Sirajul Islam of that village. During his student life, he did politics in the Chhatra League. Later he got involved with the politics of Srivardi Upazila Awami League of Sherpur. Finally, Srivardi Upazila was elected joint general secretary of Awami League.

Shahidul Islam, who was elected as Member of Parliament, was the chairman of Kharaya Kazirchar Union Parishad of Srivardi Upazila from 2003 to 2011 and from 2016 to 2019. Resigned from the post of Chairman of Union Parishad and sought nomination from the party to contest as Chairman of Upazila Parishad. But without getting the party nomination, he was elected as the chairman of Srivardi Upazila Parishad in 2019 as a rebel candidate.

After being elected chairman of Upazila Parishad, he apologized to the party and returned to Awami League politics under amnesty. At the same time, Srivardi and Jhenaigati upazilas started mass communication ahead of the 12th National Assembly elections. He attracted the attention of the voters by holding postering meetings and constructing gates in the area.

After that, Srivardi resigned from the post of Chairman of the Upazila Parishad after seeking the nomination of the Awami League as a candidate for the Sherpur-3 seat in the 12th National Assembly elections and getting the nomination of the boat symbol.

ADM Shahidul Islam got the nomination of Awami League’s boat symbol from Sherpur-3 constituency and won the post of Member of Parliament by getting 1 lakh 2 thousand 446 votes. His closest rival was SM Abdullahel Warez Naim, the president of Jhenaigati upazila branch of Awami League, an independent candidate of Truck Prateik. Naim got 46 thousand 228 votes.

After being elected as MP, ADM Shahidul Islam said, ‘I am a person from the ranks of Trinamool leaders and workers and common people. I will work with the grassroots people’s wishes.’


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