Home Sports Unusual animal abuse: he left his dog tied up outside the stadium to watch Santa Fe vs. Strength

Unusual animal abuse: he left his dog tied up outside the stadium to watch Santa Fe vs. Strength

Unusual animal abuse: he left his dog tied up outside the stadium to watch Santa Fe vs.  Strength

En the framework of the good victory of Independent Santa Fe 2-0 against Fortaleza CEIF, an unusual case occurred that has caused great indignation among soccer fans and animal lovers. What is striking is that They claim that they returned the puppy to the irresponsible woman who left him tied up outside the Bogotá stadium.

On the afternoon of last Saturday, March 9, 2024, with goals from Agustín Rodríguez and an own goal from Alejandro Moralez, the red team from the Colombian capital won and thus increased its streak of 5 consecutive games winning (4 for BetPlay League 1-2024 and 1 for BetPlay Cup 2024). However, the case of a Santa Fe fan, who He left his dog abandoned outside the stadium to watch the game, which has given rise to all kinds of public reactions and condemnations..

Santa Fe fan abandoned her dog outside El Campn and the Police found her

Beyond the love for football anda passion for Independiente Santa Fe, it is not understood what the ‘Cardinal’ team fan thought when she decided to leave her dog tied up while she was waiting to enjoy the match against Fortaleza CEIF. And although The case could have gone unnoticed, the wailing and crying of the small white dog attracted attention. of those who were in the sector and of the authorities.

For this reason, the operation was activated to find the irresponsible owner and Even from the sound of loudspeakers in the capital stadium, they began to search for the owner of the mascot. And it was quite strange that during the entire first half, they drew attention to the fact that among the more than 20,000 attendees at the sports venue, someone had left their dog tied up.

Although for those who were watching the match in El Campn it was difficult to believe, A video was found on social networks in which it is seen when agents of the National Police have the pet in their possession. and they are talking to the owner. The message from the person who posted the video demonstrates the indignation and annoyance, due to mistreatment What this regrettable act implies:

This (woman) left a little dog tied outside the stadium the entire game, on several occasions they called and asked them to go out and pick up the poor animal, it is still a puppy and it wasn’t until after the game, after more than two hours, that it came out. to say that he wants to take it

In the images you can see when they are asking the culprit of this case while she is talking to the members of the Police and you hear the account of the fan of the same team who condemns her and confirms that the woman only appeared after the game:

That lady there, in red, who doesn’t want to show her face, left a dog tied up the whole game. A dog that is not to blame, a dog that does not have to be tied up in a stadium and that is not done. That’s the little dog and it’s not fair for an animal to have an owner like that.

Reactions to a dog abandoned outside the El Campn stadium while its owner watched a game

As expected, the video went viral and the reactions from the outraged people did not wait, asking the animal care and protection authorities of Bogotá Take action for the irresponsibility and bad example of this woman.

Despite The image became public, the woman’s identity was not revealed and the authorities did not comment., until now, about this unusual case that leaves a large part of the citizens very upset. This was the fact that tainted the good game that was seen on Saturday afternoon, with a forceful Santa Fe and the CEIF strength of attack and that fails quite a bit in the punch when it comes to defining.