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Unknown mysterious object found in the universe!

by Afonso
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Scientists have discovered an unknown mysterious object in the galaxy. It is thought to be a combination of a black hole and a special type of star. Astronomers have used a method called ‘Rhythmic Spinning’ to search for it.

The research is detailed in a new article titled ‘A Pulsar in a Binary with a Compact Object in the Mass Gap Between Neutron Stars and Black Holes’, published in the scientific journal Science.

This information was reported by the British media Sky News. It is said that this mysterious object was detected by the ‘Meerkat’ radio telescope located in South Africa, while it was conducting research on the primordial constellation ‘NGC 1851’.

Scientists say the new mysterious object is 40,000 light-years away from our galaxy. They believe that this new type of mysterious object in space has unique properties.

The study showed that the object was orbiting a pulsar (a highly magnetic rotating neutron star). It orbits the star hundreds of times per second.

A neutron star becomes massive when it collides with another star. And then they were destroyed. Scientists don’t know what happens to that star after that. However, the conventional wisdom is that such stars are likely to evolve into black holes.

According to astronomers, the mass of a neutron star is two and a half times greater than that of the Sun. And the black holes that are formed in the next state are even bigger, at least five times bigger than the Sun.

The empty space in between is known as the ‘Black Hole Mass Gap’. And how the empty space is filled, scientists don’t have an exact idea. Uncovering the fundamental properties will give a better understanding of all the details of the neutron star, black hole, or black hole mass gap.


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