Home News UNIFIL, the UN mission led by Spain, confirms four injured by an explosion in southern Lebanon

UNIFIL, the UN mission led by Spain, confirms four injured by an explosion in southern Lebanon

UNIFIL, the UN mission led by Spain, confirms four injured by an explosion in southern Lebanon

The United Nations Interim Force for Lebanon (UNIFIL) has confirmed an explosion that occurred this Saturday against a team in the Lebanese town of Rmeish, in the south of the country, which has left at least three observers, two of them confirmed as a Norwegian and a Chilean, and a Lebanese translator injured.

The team was patrolling on foot along the Blue Line separating Israel when “an explosion occurred near their position,” according to the note. Military observers are part of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO), parent of UNIFIL, and collaborate with the ‘blue helmets’ in their tasks to implement the mandate stipulated by the UN Security Council. UNIFIL has reported that it is currently “investigating the origin of the explosion” without giving more details for now about an incident that, according to the official Lebanese news agency NNA, it could be due to an attack by an Israeli dronewhile the Israel Defense Forces have rejected any involvement in what happened.

Be that as it may, UNIFIL demands “guarantees for the safety of United Nations personnel” and recalls that “all actors have the responsibility, under international humanitarian law, to ensure the protection of non-combatants, including peacekeepers, journalists, medical personnel and civilians”, according to the release. “We can confirm that a Norwegian UN observer, from UNTSO, is slightly injured in a hospital in Tire due to an attack in Lebanon. This person is being well cared for and has personally informed those close to him,” a spokeswoman explained. of the Norwegian Armed Forces, Hanne Olafsen, quoted by the newspaper ‘Aftenposten’. From Chile, the Ministry of Defense has reported that Army Major Antonieta Durán Arriagada was traveling in the attacked convoy and “resulted in injuries that keep her hospitalized, not at risk of life, at the Saint George Hospital in Beirut.”

Durán is already accompanied by the Chilean ambassador to Lebanon, Carlos Morán. “Both the National Ministry of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Chilean Army are supporting the Chilean soldier and her family in everything necessary,” she highlighted.

The third foreigner injured could be Australian, according to Lebanese television Al Mayadín, although there is no official confirmation from Canberra at the moment. The UNIFIL warned just two days ago of an “escalation of violence” along the so-called Blue Line, the demarcation between Lebanon and Israel established by the UN almost a quarter of a century ago, and now the scene of constant artillery crossings between Israel and the militias of the Lebanese Shiite party Hezbollah practically since the outbreak of the Gaza war. “This escalation has caused a high number of deaths among civilians and destroyed homes and ways of life,” UNIFIL noted this past Thursday before urging all parties to “lay down their weapons and begin the process towards a political and sustainable diplomacy”.

The Prime Minister of Lebanon, Nayib Mikati, has already contacted the UNIFIL commander, Spanish General Aroldo Lázaro, to “express his solidarity” and “condemn on behalf of the Lebanese Government this serious incident.” Mikati was informed by General Lázaro of the beginning of the UNIFIL investigation to clarify what happened, according to the Lebanese Government note collected by the NNA.