Home News Unicaja Foundation renews its support for the Cudeca home care program

Unicaja Foundation renews its support for the Cudeca home care program

Unicaja Foundation renews its support for the Cudeca home care program

Unicaja Foundation renews its support for the home care program that the Cudeca Foundation develops for improve the quality of life of people with advanced illness and end of life and their families.

As part of the renewal of this collaboration, the director of Social Activities of the Unicaja Foundation, Miguel Gil, and the manager and medical director of Cudeca, Marisa Martín, have visited the facilities of the Cudeca Foundation.

Through this agreement, the Unicaja Foundation supports the maintenance of one of the nine teams specialized in palliative care, made up of a doctor and a nurse and supported by a psychologist and a social worker, they said in a statement.

Each of these teams performs an average of 600 home visits per year and more than 3,000 telephone follow-up calls. It is expected that during this year the Cudeca Foundation will care for more than 1,800 patients and nearly 2,400 family members in the province of Malaga.

Furthermore, for the second consecutive year, the self-care workshops ‘Take Care of Yourself to Care’ are being held, aimed at family members, caregivers and volunteers to raise awareness about the importance of personal self-care in caring for dependent people.

The support for this organization, which dates back to 2006, is part of the priority strategic lines of the Unicaja Foundationwhich has as one of its objectives to help vulnerable groups, paying special attention to people with serious illnesses and ailments to help improve their quality of life.


The Home Care Unit seeks to provide relief, care and support at the end of life, guaranteeing the best possible quality of life and maximum respect for the dignity of the person in this process. Likewise, the program offers emotional, social and spiritual support to patients and their families, extending this assistance during the grieving stage.

Since its creation in 1992, the Cudeca Foundation has provided help to more than 19,000 people through its different programs: home care, day unit, rehabilitation and physiotherapy program, hospitalization unit, outpatient consultation, psychosocial care and assisted counseling.

In addition, the entity actively develops study, training, research and awareness programs on palliative care, both for professionals and volunteers, family members and society in general.