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Ultimatum to the administration to restore voting environment in Chapainawabganj

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BNM candidate in Chapainawabganj-3 Constituency Mohammad Abdul Matin has given the administration a 24-hour ultimatum to stop the beating of leaders and workers, provide necessary security and create a fair environment for voting. He said that if they fail to ensure the safety of the leaders and workers and create a fair environment for voting during this period, decisions like boycotting the vote will be taken.

He gave this warning in a press conference at Mohammad Abdul Matin’s residence on Wednesday.

Abdul Mateen said, those who are working for BNM’s anchor symbol, are being intimidated by the rival candidate’s activists in various ways. Along with death threats, cocktail blasts are being done in and around the houses of leaders and activists. Anchor posters and festoons are being torn down in various areas. Posters were torn down in 17 areas.

This candidate of BNM claimed that he and his leaders-activists have done mass communication without interruption after the campaign started. But after 2-3 days the campaign activities including mass communication are being stopped. Leaders and workers are being beaten. The matter has been informed in writing to the Returning Officer, Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police.

In this regard, Returning Officer and Deputy Commissioner AKM Galiv Khan said that there is a fair and beautiful election environment in all three constituencies of Chapainawabganj. No major disturbances and untoward incidents occurred anywhere. It is not understandable why Mohammad Abdul Mateen is complaining about the election environment.

AKM Ghaliv Khan said, ‘He (Mohammed Abdul Matin) has given us a written application of several pages. There are various complaints including beating of leaders and workers, tearing of posters, obstruction of campaign. The Superintendent of Police has been asked to investigate the incidents and take necessary action.


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