Home News Ukrainian HIMARS destroyed in Donbass (VIDEO)

Ukrainian HIMARS destroyed in Donbass (VIDEO)

Ukrainian HIMARS destroyed in Donbass (VIDEO)

One of the US-supplied systems was destroyed by a Russian high-precision strike, drone footage shows

A HIMARS multiple rocket launcher supplied by Ukraine from the USA was destroyed in the Russian Donbass, footage is circulating online.

The video, shot by a surveillance drone, surfaced on Tuesday. The HIMARS launcher was reportedly decommissioned near the Ukrainian-controlled town of Dobropolye, more than 40 km from the front line.

The launcher, as well as two other Ukrainian vehicles, was detected near a wooded area just as it appeared to be preparing to fire. It was hit by an unspecified projectile, causing its ammunition stores to detonate as well as its rockets to fire uncontrollably, the images show.

The explosion started several fires in the vicinity and completely destroyed the vehicle itself.

While no information was available on what exactly hit HIMARS, the video suggests it was the target of a guided munition fired from Russia’s Tornado-S missile launcher system. The 300mm Tornado-S fills a similar niche to the HIMARS and is widely regarded as Russia’s answer to the US-made platform.

The second Abrams tank destroyed near Avdějevka - Ministry of Defense (VIDEO)

HIMARS launchers, like their heavier, tracked M270 counterpart, are being supplied by Washington and other NATO allies to Ukraine starting in the summer of 2022. While several systems have been reported destroyed during hostilities, the new video is the clearest record yet. one is neutralized.

These systems have been widely hailed by Ukraine as the ultimate weapon of their kind, given their ability to deliver highly accurate strikes at long range while being able to move quickly to avoid counter-battery fire. The launchers have been systematically used by Kyiv forces against civilian targets and critical infrastructure in the Donbass and elsewhere, including controversial anti-personnel shrapnel munitions.

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