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Ukraine should have the courage to sit down, the Pope

Ukraine should have the courage to sit down, the Pope

Pope Francis, the top leader of Christians, commented that Ukraine should have the courage to sit in negotiations to end the war with Russia. He made this comment in a recent interview, according to the news agency Reuters.

Reuters claims it has obtained a recorded interview with Pope Francis last month. The interview is scheduled to air on Swiss broadcaster RSI on March 20. Some parts of this interview were seen by Reuters on Saturday.

Russia and Ukraine have been at war for more than two years. The war has already claimed the lives of millions of ordinary Ukrainians. Several initiatives have been taken since the beginning to stop the war, but there has been no ceasefire so far.

Last Friday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan offered to hold a conference to stop the Russia-Ukraine war. But Reuters says the interview with Pope Francis was recorded before Erdogan proposed a ceasefire.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he would not make a peace deal in exchange for ceding any territory. First, all Russian troops must be withdrawn from the territory of Ukraine. Then he will sit for peace talks.

But Russia has also made it clear that they will not accept any of Kiev’s terms for peace talks.

In such a situation, the international community is divided into two camps. One side says that since Ukraine cannot resist the attack of Russian forces, they should surrender. The other side says that if Ukraine gives up, it means legitimizing the powerful to do whatever they want.

When the interviewer brought up this situation, Pope Francis said, “Strong are those who observe the situation, think about the people and have the courage to ‘white flag’ and negotiate.” Pope Francis used the term ‘white flag’ without directly using the term peace talks.

The Pope also said that the word “discussion” is a bold word. When you see that things are not going well, you should have the courage to negotiate. He also commented that this discussion should be held with the cooperation of international superpowers.

How many people die will end the war? But in such a situation, one should forget all the shame and sit in the discussion, the mediator country should be found.’
The interviewer asks, are you ready to mediate? In response, the Pope said, I agree.