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Uber has brought a new service in the country, how to use it

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Ride sharing platform Uber has brought new services to its customers in the country. From now round trip facility will be available in intercity. And the car can be booked for a specific destination 90 days in advance. Uber Bangladesh said this in a press release on January 31.

In a press release, the company said, the round trip feature was added to Uber’s long distance product Intercity today. As a result, passengers can book vehicles for multiple days of travel outside Dhaka. With this new feature, users will find the car very easily while going on business trips or sightseeing. Your journey will be more comfortable.

Passengers can book a round trip for a maximum of 5 days if they want to go to any city from Dhaka. During this time the car and driver will provide round the clock service to the passenger. Apart from this, the facility of adding stops to the itinerary will also be available here. Customers can book the trip for their desired time up to 3 months in advance.

There will be special facilities for passengers as well as drivers. In this feature drivers are getting additional earning opportunities. Apart from this, they will get the opportunity to arrange the work plan in advance. As the house is booked for many days at a time, his income will continue. Waiting time and overnight stay are also added to the round trip fare.

Nasheed Ferdous Kamal, Country Head of Uber Bangladesh said, Intercity’s round trip feature is a great addition for those who want to travel with ease and convenience. This feature will also eliminate the hassle of booking a rent-a-car for travel. Moreover, the trip can be tracked through the app. As a result, travel safety and reliability will increase.

You can easily book a car by going to the app.  Photo: The Independent

How to book a round trip

First, click on the ‘Intercity’ option from the suggestion bar in the above app. If the ‘Intercity’ option is not visible on the home screen, click on ‘See All’. Select ‘Round Trip’ and enter your destination. If you need the car now, select ‘Live Now’. Enter your pick-up date and time by selecting ‘Reserve’ to book a ride for future. Select your return date and time. You can book your car for up to 5 days. Choose the vehicle as per your choice and need. Check the booking details on the confirmation screen, then book the round trip.


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