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Two young girls who were raped while walking, Chhatra League leader arrested

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Two girlfriends (21) were raped in Bagerhat’s Fakirhat while walking. In this incident. Shakil Sardar alias Ferdaus (25) has been arrested by the police. The police is conducting an operation to arrest another associate of Shakil named Mehdi Hasan.

On Monday afternoon, BCL leader Shakil Sardar was sent to the district jail by the court. Earlier this incident happened in Fakirhat upazila on Sunday night. Police arrested him after the incident.

Md. Shakil Sardar is the president of Fakirhat Sadar Union Chhatra League. He is the son of Mostab Sardar of Jaria village of Sadar Union of Fakirhat Upazila of the district.

Meanwhile, Shakeel Sardar has been expelled from the Chhatra League due to allegations of rape.

Earlier, on Sunday night, the rape victims (21) filed a case against Shakil Sardar and Mehdi Hasan at the Fakirhat police station under the Prevention of Torture against Women and Children Act.

Additional Superintendent of Police (Crime and Operations) of Bagerhat. Raselur Rahman confirmed these facts.

The Additional Superintendent of Police said that the two girlfriends of the rape victim worked in Dhaka. On January 11, they came home from Dhaka on leave. Two days after that (January 13) in the afternoon, two girlfriends went for a ride with a cousin and a friend on two motorcycles. They visited the Rampal thermal power plant and went to the shrine of Hazrat Khanjahan (RA) in Bagerhat. It was night to return from there. So instead of going home, they decided to go to another girlfriend’s house in Khulna.

According to Sindhant, they left for Khulna. But when they reached Fakirhat Upazila area, two young men blocked their way. At that time, when the young men beat up the cousin and friend, they ran away leaving the two young women in fear. Shakil and Mehdi took turns raping the two young women after taking them to a nearby tea shop.

During the incident, Shakil and Mehdi snatched some cash and gold knuckles from the two young women. Later, the accused took both of them on a motorcycle and dropped them on the side of an unknown road.

Police officer Md. Raselur Rahman said that after the incident, the young cousin called 999 and complained. After that, the police launched an operation to arrest those involved. One of the two involved, named Shakeel, has been arrested. The operation to nab another person is continuing.

Raselur Rahman also said that the arrested Shakeel admitted his involvement in the initial interrogation. Two Turanis have been sent to hospital for medical examination. Evidence of rape was collected.

Bagerhat District Chhatra League President Md. Monir Hossain said, ‘Md. Shakil Sardar alias Ferdaus was the president of Sadar Union Chhatra League of Fakirhat Upazila. He has been expelled from the party for being out of the organization and engaging in anti-social activities.’


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