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Two wombs of a woman, two children born in two days!

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An American woman has two uteruses in her body. She has two children in those two wombs. Two children were born recently. But not at the same time, one day after the birth of another child. However, even if they were born separately, they will be known as twins.

According to the British media BBC, this incident happened last Tuesday and Wednesday at the University of Alabama (UAB) Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Mother and two children are healthy. Doctors say that one woman in one million women may have this condition. This is a rare occurrence.

Doctors tried for 20 hours to deliver these two children. Kelsey Hatcher, a 32-year-old woman, gave birth to a baby girl at the hospital on Tuesday. The next day she gave birth to another girl child. Hatcher shared the incident on social media.

In the language of science, those two children will be called ‘fraternal twins’. Even if they are twins, do not celebrate birthdays on the same day.

There are two uteruses in the body—Kelsey Hatcher first learned this at age 17. It is called Uterus Didelphis. Only 10.3 percent of women in the world are seen like this. Earlier in 2019, doctors in Bangladesh reported another such incident.

Kelsey Hatcher gave birth to three children earlier. He thought that a child would be born this time too. But later found out that there are two children in two wombs. According to him, ‘I still can’t believe it.’


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