Home News Two warships attempted to rescue the MV Abdullah

Two warships attempted to rescue the MV Abdullah

Two warships attempted to rescue the MV Abdullah

Two warships made initial attempts to rescue hostages from Somali pirates. But failed. As the two ships followed the MV Abdullah, the pirates held the sailors hostage at gunpoint. As a result, they have to withdraw.

However, the sailors of MV Abdullah, anchored off the Garkad coast, are now safe. This information was revealed in an audio message sent by a sailor to his family in Chittagong.

MV Abdullah was anchored in the sea about 7 nautical miles off the Garkad coast of Somalia on Thursday afternoon. Meanwhile, the pirates handed over the ship to the second party. Earlier, when two European and Indian warships followed the MV Abdullah, the pirates pointed weapons at the sailors’ heads. They fired several rounds of blank shots. So the two warships retreated fearing the loss of hostages.

Sailors were allowed into the cabins for the first time after anchoring, said a sailor held hostage on the ship. Besides, the pirates also gave an opportunity to pray iftar together. Most sailors are also allowed to speak to their families.

The sailor said, ‘A navy ship was coming yesterday. A Navy ship is arriving today. A total of two ships wanted to rescue us. But it is not possible. Because they then hold us hostage, point big guns at our heads. Two large frigates were approaching. With all the equipment. But they (pirates) are not afraid of these. Because they hold us hostage. Keeps bullets in our heads. They keep us restricted. But so far the heart has not (hurt). Everyone is sleeping in one room (bridge). Using a washroom. We are not used to this. When I go to sleep, I see big weapons are waiting. What sleep comes like this? What is going to happen next.’

Meanwhile, water and food shortages have become a cause for concern along with the hostage situation of the sailors. At least 30 pirates are sharing with them every hour.

The sailor also said, ‘Alhamdulillah there is still food. They (the pirates) are eating with us. using water So we can’t say how long this food lasts. 10-15 days can go a long way. Then when the food runs out, we will be in big trouble.’

The sailor of the hostage ship also said, ‘Today we came to Somalia. We had a good relationship with them (the pirates) after coming. I came to the cabin after saying how many. Ask everyone to pray. May Allah make it easy with the help of fasting. Inshallah, we hope to be able to return to the family before Eid. Stay mentally strong as long as you can. Stay well, ask everyone to pray. May we come safely. We are all sitting on the bridge (deck of the ship) saying Allah Allah. Everyone calls Allah. Allah will hear our call inshallah.’

A translator is with the bandits on the ship. The sailors said that no ransom talks had started till Thursday evening.