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Two ministers lost votes, I was not defeated: Jahangir

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Two independent parliamentary candidates supported by former Gazipur City Corporation Mayor Jahangir Alam lost. They are Rezaul Karim Russel in Gazipur-1 seat and Kazi Alim Uddin Buddin who is candidate for Gazipur-2 seat. However, Jahangir-supported independent candidate Akhtaruzzaman, the former chairman of the Zilla Parishad, won by getting about 15,000 more votes in Gazipur-5 seat.

On Monday, former mayor of Gazipur City, Jahangir Alam, was asked about the election, and former mayor Jahangir Alam argued for himself. He told reporters, ‘I have not lost, the votes of two ministers have decreased. I am for 8 lakh Awami League and the ministers are 2 lakh Awami League people. Because in 2018 Awami League was 8 lakh and now 2 lakh. They have weakened Awami League. The two ministers should have understood that the Awami League people voted 200,000 against them. In the 2018 elections, ACM Mozammel got almost 4 lakh votes. 1 lakh votes have been received this year. Then 300,000 Awami League votes have gone away from him. Zahid Ahsan Russel got a quarter of 5 lakh votes. This time 3 lakh votes have passed. This means that the vote of the Awami League minister has gone away from the Awami League.’

Jahangir Alam first lost the post of General Secretary of Metropolitan Awami League due to a controversial speech about Bangabandhu. Later he lost the post of mayor. Then the party took him under amnesty. Later on May 25 last year Gazipur City Corporation (GCC) elections were held. Jahangir Alam became the mayoral candidate in that election. The election commission canceled his nomination due to defaulted loans. As he did not get his nomination back despite appealing, he entered the election field with his mother Zayeda Khatun. Awami League permanently expelled him for disobeying the party’s decision in the election field. Even after canceling his nomination, losing his party identity, Jahangir Alam took a firm stand in the election field with his mother. His mother won that election as mayor. After that, Jahangir was once again brought under amnesty by the ruling Awami League.

However, Jahangir Alam has claimed at various times that Minister of Liberation War Affairs AKM Mozammel Haque and Minister of State for Youth and Sports Zahid Ahsan Russell were behind his dismissal. For this reason, instead of being a candidate in the parliamentary elections, he supported independent candidate Rezaul Karim Russell of Gazipur-1 seat, Kazi Alim Uddin Buddin of Gazipur-2 seat and independent candidate Akhtaruzzaman of 5 seat. Since the allotment of symbols on December 18, the three candidates have been campaigning extensively. Somewhere his role was more spontaneous than that of the candidates. There was a huge response. Because of him, the candidate minister, state minister and MPO were under a kind of pressure. During the campaign, they were engaged in a fierce war of words, discussion and criticism with each other.

Analyzing the results of the election, it has been seen that the nominated candidates of the ruling Awami League have won 4 of the 5 seats in Gazipur. Independent candidate won 1 seat defeating boat candidate.

However, elected as an independent candidate of Gazipur-5 constituency. Akhtaruzzaman’s activist supporters claim that Akhtaruzzaman won because of his past career and personal image, not because of Jahangir Alam’s support.
According to the results, AKM Mozammel Haque has won Gazipur 1 seat. He got 1 lakh 9 thousand 218 votes. His closest rival, Rezaul Karim Russell, secured 92,788 independent votes. Zahid Ahsan Russel, the winner of Gazipur-2 constituency, got 1 lakh 4 thousand 476 votes. His nearest rival Alim Uddin got 84 thousand 129 votes. Independent candidate Akhtaruzzaman won Gazipur-5 seat. He got 82 thousand 720 votes. His nearest rival is Meher Afroz Chumki, the current MP of Awami League. He got 67 thousand 783 votes.

Jahangir Alam said, ‘I was in favor of candidates for four seats. There two candidates lost but two others won. I was also in favor of Simin Hossain Rimi. Only Buddin and Russell are losing. When they were MPs they had votes. After becoming a minister, their votes are decreasing. That means it did not give good governance to the area, it did not evaluate the leaders. After being in power, how do the votes decrease? I supported independents in the polls to prove it. Awami Awami League has been doing it. Troubled Awami League.’


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