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Two directors face to face with Shakib and Darad

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The director’s association has become heated about the film ‘Dard’. Its director Ananya Mamun has been accused of making unwanted comments about the movie by veteran director Malek Afsari.

In view of this, Mamun released a video a few days ago. Later Mamun deleted it on the request and instructions of several members of the board of directors.

It can be seen that in a video, Malek Afsari brought up the topic of Ananya Mamun while criticizing the producer and producer Mohammad Iqbal. Said that Mamun is standing at the crossroads. This young producer cannot decide whether to go forward or backward. Because Mamun’s hands and feet are tied to the producer.

Questions were also raised about the release date of his movie Darad. Malek Afsari said that Mamun has fixed a date in his mind and he will release the movie at that time. Afsari hinted that it could be released with the movie ‘Rajkumar’.

The release of Shakib Khan’s ‘Dard’ look was also criticized. Afsari called Mamun a ‘fool’ at one stage of the conversation. The eminent director also spoke about Mamun’s pan-Indian cinema. Alleged to mislead the Shakibiyans.

And Ananya Mamun is very busy with these.

He released another video today (January 8). He called Afsari a ‘liar’.

He commented, ‘This guy wears dark glasses and tells a lot of lies. He is a YouTube hawker. He understands politics well. I never said anything against Shakibiyan in any of my videos. I saw his last video. He wants to use the emotion. Don’t believe fouls like Malik Afsari. We are talking about YouTubers, not Shakibiyans. See what a great trickster. Want to use it.’

Mamun claims that he attacked himself unnecessarily. In his words, “Van driver and auto driver are the same.” He gave me an example that the van also has three wheels, the Sinng also has three wheels. We can then call him ‘Manki Afsari’. Because he also has four arms and legs. Monkeys also have four arms and legs. Just like synNGs need gas, monkeys also need tails. You talk about Shakib Paribor, threatening me, to keep him around. Who should you side with? I leave it to you to do what you do.’

He also said, ‘I respect director Malek Afsari. Not to YouTuber Afsari. I have also told this to the board of directors. You (Afsari) talk about crossroads. Here you are. Don’t know what to do to increase views? So saying like this.’

Mamun claims that those who are talking about the Darad release date do not know that the film has to be translated into four languages. The trailer and song will be released with 50-60 thousand Shakibiyans. Registration of Shakibiyans will begin. Darad will be released in 20-25 countries of the world in different languages. They have to be worked on.

Meanwhile, it is known that Shakib Khan’s film Pan Indian will be released this year. Where Bollywood actress Sonal Chauhan is opposite him.


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