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Two-day cow fair begins in Bogra

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The two-day North Bengal Cow Fair has started in Bogra. Bangladesh Dairy Farmers Association (BDFA) has organized this fair at Mom in Eco Park of the district. The fair will continue till 7 pm on Saturday.

The organizers say that this arrangement is to give opportunity to marginal farmers to sell cows at a fair price.

Visitors and farmers throng Mom in Eco Park to witness this two-day fair. The main attraction of the fair on the first day was the cow ramp show.

The organizers said that a red Brahma cow named Captain America that came to the ramp was sold for 50 lakh taka. Sadif of Chatgaon Agro bought the cow from Bogra RK Agro.

Sadif said that he bought the cow for breeding.

Visitors to the fair say that they have never seen such a big cow before.

Tauhid Parvez Biplab, chief coordinator of the fair, said, ‘No one has ever seen such a fair in North Bengal before. More Sara than expected.’

Tauhid expects that 15 crores worth of cows will be sold in this fair. He also informed about bigger events in the future.


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