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Twin sisters who were sold at birth have been reunited after 19 years

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Amy and Ano were born as twin sisters. But soon after birth they were sold to two separate families. Then their reunion happened after 19 years.

This incredible incident happened in the East Asian country of Georgia. According to the British media BBC, these two twin sisters, born in 2005, found each other through a TV talent show and a TikTok video after being separated for 19 years.

Babies being stolen from Georgia hospitals or sold soon after birth are common. This has been happening for the last few decades. Same happened to Amy and Ano.

Amy and Ano were born in a hospital in Georgia. After their birth, their mother Aja Sheni fell into a coma due to complications. After a few days of treatment, when the doctors gave up hope of a full recovery, Amy-Ano’s father was in dire straits. Unable to figure out how to raise the two newborn babies, the helpless father sold the two daughters to two separate families. Since then they are separated from each other.

Amy said she first saw Anno at the age of 12 on a television show. A girl who looks exactly like her is dancing on the show called ‘Georgius Got Talent’. He ran and informed his mother. But if his mother did not give importance to the matter, the incident was buried there.

Seven years after this incident, another incredible incident happened. In November 2021, Amy saw a girl with blue hair who looked just like her post a video on TikTok. Amy then gets curious and goes to her profile to find out that the girl’s name is Ano Sartania. He lives in Tbilisi, a city 320 kilometers away.

But Amy could not communicate with him at all. Later, he posted the video on a university WhatsApp group and asked if anyone knew this girl. There is a response from someone who knows the girl in the video.

Later he contacted Ano. This is how two twin sisters found each other.

Amy said, ‘When we met at Tbilisi’s Rustaveli metro station, it felt like I was standing in front of a mirror. As if seeing myself. Same face, same eyes, same nose. Even the voice is the same. I don’t like hugging. But at that moment I could not control myself. Hug Ano.’

Amy-Ano said they were later confirmed through DNO testing that they were indeed twin sisters. They never tried to find their father again. According to them, they do not want to meet the father who can sell them.

However, they met their birth mother Aja in a hotel in Leipzig. Aja then told them that Amy-Ano had gone into a coma after her birth. When the children were later recovered, the hospital staff said they had died soon after birth.


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