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‘Tufan’ will be everywhere in OTT or cinema hall

by Afonso
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Two of my works are released in 2023. ‘Friday’ on OTT platform Binge and ‘Tunnel’ on cinema halls. You have given fierce love to both works and made them blockbusters. Then at the end of the year these two works of mine appeared in the list of the best done by newspapers, online media and multiplex.

I have always tried to create content while maintaining quality. Maybe that’s why I got an unprecedented response from the audience.

These recognitions, these best honors give me more motivation to do good work.

In 2024 I want to bring more good works for the audience. Some work has already been completed, some work will start in the future. Be it in OTT or cinema hall, ‘Tufan’ will be everywhere. Just need your prayers and love.

**The words are taken from Raihan Rafi’s Facebook post


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