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Trust me: Prime Minister

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Bangladesh Awami League President Bangabandhu’s daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said to the countrymen, ‘You are my family, trust me. Let’s all build this Bangladesh as a Smart Sonar Bangla.’

The Prime Minister said this in an address to the nation on Thursday on the occasion of the 12th National Assembly elections. Speech starts at 7 pm. He said that Bangladesh Awami League is going to end the current term with great success by forming the government for the fourth time after 1975 after winning the 2018 11th National Parliament election with a huge vote. The 12th National Assembly election will be held on January 7.

Sheikh Hasina said, ‘You have given Awami League an opportunity to serve you by voting for the boat brand. I thank you. As much as you have achieved in this long journey, all of it is your contribution. This would not have been possible without your support. If I have made any mistakes along the way, then you will forgive me – this is my request. If I can form the government again, I will get a chance to correct the mistakes. Give me an opportunity to serve you by voting for the boat brand in the January 7 elections.’

The Awami League president said that the 12th National Parliament election will be held on January 7. A request to political parties and institutions that believe in democracy and the rule of law, do not indulge and fuel any idiosyncratic ideas that disrupt the constitutional process. He said, we are expecting a free, fair and impartial election. This is the first time in Bangladesh that the Election Commission has been formed by law. The Election Commission has been given financial independence. Administration and law enforcement agencies are vested under the Election Commission. The election commission is conducting the election completely independently. Our government is giving all kinds of support to the Election Commission for conducting fair and peaceful elections.

The Prime Minister said that the people’s party Bangladesh Awami League, whenever it comes to power, ensures economic and social development of the people of the country. People’s food, security, medical, housing, education, employment and massive infrastructure development.

The Prime Minister ended his speech with a poem. He said, I want to say in the words of the poet Sukanta,

“We have received a call

Now you have to go on the road.

Got the call to continue this morning

On equal footing with everyone on the world path.

Don’t look back today, move forward

Say the word of victory in the new mouth.”


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