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Trump’s mysterious red spot, what is the indication?

by Afonso
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Former US President Donald Trump has mysterious red spots on his palms and fingers. There is a lot of discussion-criticism going on in the net world along with social media.

The British press Independent reported that Donald Trump went to attend the hearing of a case at the Federal Court in Manhattan, New York last Wednesday. At this time, when he waved his hand to the supporters, red rash-like spots were seen on his palm and fingers.

Many on social media have said that Trump’s hand may have been amputated. The red stain is probably blood. Some have written that Trump has syphilis. Many say again, no, not syphilis, he probably has herpes.

Meanwhile, former US President Bill Clinton’s advisor James Carville also said that he suspects that Trump has syphilis. Carville commented: ‘I have spoken to several doctors about the scars on Trump’s hands. They said, these are symptoms of secondary syphilis (venereal disease).’

But Trump supporters have dismissed the possibility of syphilis. They claim that the former president’s hand was cut off due to an accident. The red spots on the hands are basically blood spots.

In this regard, Joshua Zeichner, assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, said that the symptoms seem to be that Trump has a rash on his hands. It can be due to various reasons. E.g. He plays golf, so he can get blisters on his hands. He might even have lime juice on hand.

However, Donald Trump himself has not yet opened his mouth on this issue. Even his spokesperson did not say anything.


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