Home News Trump’s fundamental campaign problem. He has no way to pay the huge fine

Trump’s fundamental campaign problem. He has no way to pay the huge fine

Trump’s fundamental campaign problem.  He has no way to pay the huge fine

Former American President Donald Trump is beginning to be caught up with the consequences of lawsuits and the associated huge fines. Due to the overvaluation of the property, it has to pay 464 million dollars by the end of March. However, according to his lawyers, he does not have such cash. And the bond companies keep their hands off him because he has nothing to guarantee.

Trump heard the devastating verdict in mid-February. A lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James accused his family businesses of overstating their assets.

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For more than ten years, they stated that their assets were a billion dollars higher in order to deceive the bankers into giving them better terms of loans. Even with interest, the fine imposed by the court rose to $464 million, including the penalty for Trump’s sons Don and Eric, who also figured in the fraud.

Looking for a big generous partner

Trump has two options: Either he can pay the amount in cash, or he can negotiate a so-called secured bond. Since most of his assets are tied up in real estate, he is dependent on third-party assistance. And what seems to be a welcoming reception in the financial sector…

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