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Trump stirs up civil war in the United States

Trump stirs up civil war in the United States

At a time of maximum tension and tension in the United States, any small political or social spark could unleash terrible consequences. For this reason, Donald Trump’s apocalyptic speech during a campaign rally in Ohio is not trivial and the reactions, both from the Republican side to downplay the former president’s inflammatory words, and from the Democratic side to condemn them, have not been long in coming. . While both try to take the debate to their own ground, the North American press warns of a reality that many citizens have in mind, but few express for fear that it could become reality. the possibility that the United States is on the brink of a civil war.

Trump’s speeches are often quite ambiguous, walking a fine line that leaves too much room for the imagination. For this reason, although his own team immediately came to the fore to ensure that Trump’s words were not an ode to violence, the Democrats took advantage of the opposite. Joe Biden’s campaign team linked the former president’s speech with the attack on the Capitol that occurred on January 6, 2021 and told voters that Trump has a “fondness for violence” and a “thirst for revenge.” “This is what Trump is,” said Michael Tyler, communications director for the Biden campaign team, in a televised interview, “a loser who is defeated by more than seven million votes and then, instead of appealing to an audience broader, doubles its threats of political violence.

For former Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Trump could be seeking to “demand a bloodbath in the United States” if he does not win re-election. And she threw a question into the air so that it would settle in the subconscious of the citizens: “What does that mean? Is it going to cause a bloodbath?”

Even the former president’s niece, Mary Trump, often the scourge of his uncle, has spoken out about it this weekend. He has done so through a publication on social networks, ensuring that “Donald Trump does not deserve the benefit of the doubt and this is not a damn joke. His statement is both a threat and a promise. The corporate media must start acting accordingly.

The Republican Party has tried to ensure that the former president’s words do not lead to violence, especially when the Republican faces 91 criminal charges, some related to a possible incitement of the assault on the Capitol. They claim that the message has been misinterpreted and that Trump was referring to that, “if he is not re-elected, the automotive industry will be strongly affected” because his plan to impose heavy tariffs on cars coming from abroad will not be carried out. For the Republican representative in Ohio, Mike Turner, it is also clear that they are economic code words and not a call for “increased violence.”

But at a time of polarization and tension in North American society like the current one, not being clear in the message can create serious problems in a complicated election year. According to a report from the Department of Homeland Security to assess threats in 2024, the presidential elections will be “a key event for possible acts of violence.” A forecast that matches perfectly with the one made by the political scientist Barbara F. Walter, which assures that “we are closer to a civil war than anyone would like”, and assures that it is due to a harmful mix of “extremism, political polarization and popular acceptance of conspiracy theories”, an increase in the number of “firearms in the country and armed militias” and the loss of faith in the Government and the “Western liberal democratic State.” The American network CNN in an opinion article wrote in reference to an internal national war that “with the West on the verge of collapse, the supporters of accelerationism” (understood as the theory that current society is incorrigible and its end must be accelerated to a new order to come), advocate “fostering division and polarization through violent attacks against racial minorities, Jews, liberals, foreign intruders, and powerful elites to produce a cataclysmic collapse of the existing order and cause a second civil war.” ».