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Trouble interrupted by India, Pakistan-Sri Lanka fight over money

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India did not agree to go to Pakistan in the last Asia Cup. Due to this, despite being the host, Pakistan had to go to Sri Lanka to play the match. On the other hand, Pakistan organized some matches as consolation in their own soil.

And that doesn’t settle the dispute between the Sri Lankan and Pakistan Cricket Boards over the additional expenses incurred in organizing the matches including air fares, hotel bookings, venue rentals and travel expenses.

The ACC Council meeting was held in Bali last week. The Sri Lanka Cricket Board has made it clear that they will not bear the additional cost of hosting the four matches in Pakistan, as they have not received any additional income from the Asia Cup and are not officially hosting the tournament.

Pakistan played home matches against Bangladesh and Nepal. Besides, Bangladesh-Afghanistan and Sri Lanka-Afghanistan matches were also held in Pakistan. Meanwhile, the match against Nepal was shifted from the original venue Lahore to Multan on the personal wish of the then board chief Zaka Ashraf. Which increased the cost a lot.

Meanwhile, PCB demanded compensation for removing the tournament from their soil. But re-elected ACC chief Jai Shah said the ACC wanted to host the entire tournament in Sri Lanka. But Pakistan forcibly organized the match in their own ground. As a result, the country is responsible for the additional cost.

On the other hand, Sri Lanka claims that Pakistan is the official host. Sri Lanka only allowed the use of their venues to ensure the hosting of the tournament. So they owe money to PCB as venue rent. Sri Lanka board chief Shami Silva expressed concern that the PCB is yet to pay hotel and air fares. Jai Shah asked him to settle the issue with PCB directly. On behalf of the Pakistan Board, Nasir said that they will give the hotel rent bill after verification.

But the trouble with private air fares remains. PCB had taken air fares through Classic Travels which was not authorized by the Sri Lanka Board. So far it has paid 281 thousand 700 dollars and promised to pay 2 million 69 thousand 885 dollars to SLC as venue rent. But the PCB has claimed that they get $2.5 million from the ACC, the tournament’s parent body, as the host.


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