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Train fire: Wife and nephew search for two missing in mortuary

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Relatives of two missing persons have come to Dhaka Medical College Mortuary to look for the two missing persons who were injured in the fire in the Mohanganj Express train at Tejgaon station in the capital. Four people were killed in this incident of sabotage. The identity of two of them was known, but the identity of the two could not be confirmed.

Among them, his wife Sajan came to the morgue from Narayanganj to look for the missing Khokon Miya (34) and his nephew Belal Ahmed came from Munshiganj to look for the missing Rashid Dhalli (60).

Sajan has confirmed that one of the two unidentified bodies in the morgue is her husband Khokon Mier after seeing the Punjabi and body of her husband’s burnt body. On the other hand, Belal Ahmed confirmed another dead body was that of his uncle Rashid Dhali by looking at the appearance and the clothes he was wearing.

Missing Khokon’s wife Sajan said, ‘He (Khokon) went to his village home Sunamganj on Thursday for his niece’s wedding. Left for Dhaka by train last night. I last spoke to him on my mobile phone at 9pm last night. Later I came to know that four people died in the fire in the train. But I have called my husband’s mobile many times and his mobile is not receiving calls.’

Sajan also said, ‘I came to Dhaka Medical Morgue and saw two dead bodies. I recognized one of the bodies as my husband wearing Punjabi and seeing his face. My husband used to wear Punjabi all the time. But here the sirs said that they will not give us the body if there is no matching in the DNA test. Told to come at ten tomorrow morning.’

Sajan said that she and her husband Khokon work at Avanti Color Textiles of Crony Group. Khokon works as an assistant operator in textile factory. They live in Bisik area of ​​Narayanganj with one son and one daughter.

On the other hand, Belal Hossain said that their house is in Munshiganj Sadar. His uncle Rashid Dhali deals in cloth in Netrakona Big Bazaar.

Belal said, ‘Yesterday night he left for Dhaka to buy wholesale clothes from Netrakona. Earlier he said at home that he was going to Dhaka. We watch the news on TV and try to contact him many times on his mobile. But no connection was found on his mobile. Later we found out after a lot of searching that the two unidentified bodies were kept in Dhaka Medical Morgue. Coming here we are pretty sure that this is my uncle.’

Like Sajan, he too has been asked to come back to the hospital at 10 am on Wednesday. After that the identity of Rashid Dhali can be confirmed through DNA test.

Three coaches of the Mohanganj Express train were burnt by miscreant fire at 5:04 am on Tuesday morning. Passengers say that when the train reached Tejgaon railway station from Netrakona early in the morning, the miscreants set fire to three coaches to sabotage it.

Earlier, the Mohanganj Express train met with an accident in Gazipur on December 13 due to the cutting of 20 feet of the railway line. Seven carriages including the engine of the train overturned and one person died. More than half a hundred passengers were injured in this incident.


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