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Tourists have increased in Khagrachari-Saze

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Tourists have increased in various tourist centers of Khagrachari and neighboring Sajek Valley to spend Christmas and weekend holidays. After a long absence of tourists due to the blockade-strike, happy businessmen again increased the number of visitors. Tourist police are working for their security.

Even a few days ago, due to political unrest and various programs, various tourist centers of Khagrachari were empty of tourists. But now Alutila’s mysterious tunnels, hanging bridges, Richang waterfalls—everywhere has seen an increase in tourists.

Various places of interest in the district are crowded with tourists during winter. Many have rushed to spend time with friends and family members in close proximity to nature during the weekend and the Christian Christmas holiday.

A tourist said, ‘Such a beautiful place, it would not be understood without coming here. All the family came to visit, it feels very good. Spent the night in Saje. Now traveling to Alutila. I wouldn’t have understood that the country is so beautiful if it wasn’t here.’

The number of tourists has also increased in Sajek Valley. They are impressed by the scenic beauty of Ruilui and Kanglak tourist centers.

A tourist visiting Saje said, ‘The whole city is surrounded by mountains. It is very nice to visit here. Bangladesh has such a beautiful scenery, it cannot be understood without seeing it.’

Traders are happy to make up for the loss of the tourism season due to the blockade-strike during the Christmas holidays.

The manager of Khagrachari’s Hotel Ghiring, Thanh Tripura, said, ‘Due to the prolonged strike-blockade in the middle, our tourism business suffered a lot. We didn’t get the booking. Tourists are increasing during the Christmas holidays. Hopefully, all the hotel rooms will be booked.’

Meanwhile, the tourist police is working to avoid the safety and suffering of tourists. In charge of Khagrachari tourist police. Zahidur Rahman said, ‘I have held a meeting with the stakeholders so that the tourists do not suffer. On behalf of the police, overall security arrangements have been made in Alutila, Richang Jharna, Zilla Parishad Park.

Zahidur Rahman also said, ‘We are engaged in civil and dress duty in various tourist centers. We are trying to ensure that the tourists do not face any kind of annoyance or problem.

At least 20 thousand tourists have gone to Khagrachari in the last few days.


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