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Tourist centers are getting crowded

by Afonso
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There is no political program like hartal-blockade. Therefore, tourists are rushing to sea and mountains on victory day and weekend. Apart from this, as most of the schools are closed, the number of tourists has increased in the country’s tourist centers including Cox’s Bazar and three hilly districts.

At the beginning of the tourist season, the traders were in some trouble due to political unrest and blockade. They expressed relief as the number of tourists increased. 60 percent of hotels and motels in Cox’s Bazar and three hilly districts have been booked during the weekend.

Tourists are coming to Cox’s Bazar from different parts of the country. Apart from the beaches, the travel enthusiasts are exploring various places of interest in the district. Tourists visiting the beach in Cox’s Bazar said that because there was no strike-blockade and the environment was good, they came to visit their relatives after getting a holiday.

Meanwhile, the number of tourists has also increased in the three hilly districts. Crowds were seen everywhere including Khagrachari’s mysterious tunnels, hanging bridges, waterfalls. Bandarban’s rock falls, Nilachal, Meghla, Chimbuk, Nilgiri are busy with tourists.

The mysterious tunnels of Khagrachari, the hanging bridge, the fountains are seen everywhere, including the crowds of tourists.  Photo: The IndependentTalking to the tourists visiting Khagrachari, it is known that they have come to the hills to spend some happy time with their family and friends during the lockdown.

Most of the hotels and motels in the tourist centers are booked for the two-day holiday. Traders hope to recoup their losses if there is no political unrest in the next two months.

Managing Director of a hotel called ‘Aranya Bilas’. Abdur Rashid Sagar said, ‘Khagrachari has been bustling with tourists. If there is no hartal blockade in the next two months, then we will be able to compensate for the damage we have done before.’

The beach town of Cox's Bazar is crowded with tourists during the weekend.  Photo: The IndependentThe administration and tourist police have taken all measures to ensure the safety of tourists. Bandarban Tourist Police Superintendent of Police. Manjur Morshed said, ‘We have an information board from the Tourist Police. I have given it to every hotel and resort so that tourists can inform us in case of any kind of problem.’

Representatives from Cox’s Bazar, Bandarban and Khagrachari assisted in preparing the report.


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