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Tooth wear

In Spain, oral health has experienced spectacular progress in the last thirty years, mainly thanks to professionals who, like Dr. Débora Vilaboa, have set a standard and have placed Dentistry at the forefront internationally.

To his status as a doctor he combines his specialty in various facets of Dentistry, which translates into recognition inside and outside our borders. Together with his children José Manuel and Débora Reuss and his sister Beatriz, they have published a treatise that exhaustively covers the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the various forms and phases of dental wear.

Unlike cavities and periodontal disease, caused by bacteria, Dr. Vilaboa explains that dental wear is associated to the modern lifestyle.

Among other causes, the stress, excessive body care, prepared food, industrial soft drinks and sleep disturbance.or they are behind a silent, but chronic and progressive destruction of enamel and dentin that, if not treated in time, ends up causing pain, fractures and repeated infections.

This wear and tear, which is multifactorial, can appear at very early ages and in a high percentage of the population.

Unlike cavities and periodontal disease, thorough hygiene does not prevent the progression of dental wear. Recent studies show that even The total absence of bacterial plaque (biofilm) makes the resistance to dental erosion caused by exposure to acid less.

Edited by “Quintessenze”, this work includes the protocols for the non-invasive approach to this dysfunction. «Tooth Wear: The Quintessential Challenge» has been published, so far, in English and Japanese to soon appear in Spanish.