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Tomato lost in space, found after 8 months

by Afonso
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A lost tomato grown in space has been found after eight months. The tomato comes from a part of the International Space Station (ISS). On March 29 this year, the tomato grown in space was lost.

Astronaut Frank Rubio allegedly ate the tomato, Space.com reports. The tomato was produced in the space vegetable cultivation project. The astronauts got samples of the vegetables produced in that project last March. But they did not eat all those vegetables keeping in mind the fungal infection.

Meanwhile, astronaut Frank Rubio lost his tomato. His colleagues later claimed that Rubio had eaten the tomato.

Astronauts celebrate 25 years of ISS by showing it live after retrieving the lost tomato. “I didn’t eat the tomato,” Rubio said during a live stream last September. I too have been looking for that for a long time.


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