Home News Tomáš goes after the throat of a forced tradesman. They will not welcome these measures, warns Mihál

Tomáš goes after the throat of a forced tradesman. They will not welcome these measures, warns Mihál

Tomáš goes after the throat of a forced tradesman.  They will not welcome these measures, warns Mihál

Entrepreneurs performing work that meets all the characteristics of a position with a regular employment relationship? In Slovakia, this is a common practice and we even have a common term for it, the so-called švarc system. This is not a foreign word denoting the operation “on the black”, the term refers to construction entrepreneur Miroslav Švarc, who became a pioneer in this form of employment in the early nineties.

Governments have been trying for a long time to establish clear rules on this issue and thus prevent the emergence of so-called forced or fictitious trades. For example, in 2007, Robert Fico’s first cabinet discussed whether it is necessary to fulfill all of its established characteristics in order to perform dependent work, or if only some of them are sufficient.


Currently, the European Union is also interfering in the topic, which wants to use a new directive to make couriers and taxi drivers employees of digital platforms such as Bolt or Wolt, while declaring that it wants to improve their working conditions. However, Labor Minister Erik Tomáš also wants to shine a light on trades.

After this week’s government meeting, he announced a tightening of the law, which he wants to prevent employers from using self-employed people instead of employees. The change should also consist in strengthening the competencies of labor inspectorates, and companies could receive penalties for illegal employment, according to the minister.

Clearer criteria

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