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Tom Cruise for Shakib Khan Bangladesh: Courtney Coffey

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American actress Courtney Coffey came to Bangladesh for the first time to participate in the shooting of the movie ‘Rajkumar’. In this, he has teamed up with Dhallywood’s top hero Shakib Khan. After a few days of shooting in Dhaka, the actress returned to the United States.

In a video message, the actress shared her experience of traveling to Bangladesh. Expressing fascination, he said, ‘When I got on the plane to come to Bangladesh, I felt like I was going to face a different experience. Everything is great so far. But it’s even better than I expected. There are many famous things like Eiffel Tower in other countries but people of Bangladesh have big heart. I think the people of Bangladesh have established their country as the best state with their heart. Due to the large population and their hospitality, Bangladesh can be one of the attractions of tourists.

Courtney Coffey learned Bengali in preparation for the movie for a few months. Then took part in the shooting. Regarding joining ‘Rajkumar’, he said, ‘I didn’t know anything. Me and Himel (Himel Ashraf) attend Shakib Khan’s birthday. I got to know some parts of the movie that day and that made me very interested. Even now my American friends can’t believe I’m doing the movie.’

Courtney Koffi said, he came to Bangladesh and liked the fuchka, sweets, rasgolla, fish. On his way back to the country, he bought eight pairs of shoes and some sheets from Newmarket. He also said that Bangladeshis will use them as gifts on big days.

At that time, Kofi said about Shakib Khan, ‘Shakib Khan is Tom Cruise for Bangladesh. He is as popular as Tom Cruise. Shakib was very professional, focused, perfect as a co-artist and he was a lot of fun to shoot with. The whole experience of working with him was great.’

Incidentally, Himel Ashraf is directing the movie ‘Rajkumar’ produced by Arshad Adnan. After Dhaka, now the shooting of the film is going on in Pabna. The remaining part will be shot in the US early in the new year. The movie is slated to release on Eid 2024.


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