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Today is the day when Earth comes closest to the Sun

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This planet, our familiar Earth, rotates in its own orbit every year and is at one point closest to the Sun. This amazing phenomenon is scientifically called ‘perihelion day’. And the day when the Earth is farthest from the Sun is called ‘Aphelion Day’.

Indian media NDTV says that today, January 3, is the special day of this year, on which the Earth is closest to the Sun. However, perihelion days do not fall at the same time every year. Because the Earth’s orbit is not perfectly circular, but elliptical. Astronomers say perihelion day usually occurs about two weeks after the winter solstice. This day is the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere.

Today the earth will be about 90 million 14 million miles away from the sun. According to a University of California study, the sun’s rays are about 7 percent more intense during perihelion than at other times.

According to Space.com, the word perihelion comes from the Greek language. In Greek ‘peri’ means surrounding and ‘helios’ means sun.


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