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Today, however, you can eat chocolate cake

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As many rumors are prevalent in our country about chocolate, it is doubtful whether there are so many rumors about any other food. Eating chocolate causes weight gain, tooth decay… and many other rumours!

You can eat a chocolate cake today after shaking off these rumours. Because today is chocolate cake day. On this pretext, you will not be wrong to eat chocolate cake today. Apart from that, nutritionists also say that eating chocolate in moderation does not increase weight, but decreases it.

Chocolate cake is a favorite food all over the world. New York-based marketing agency ‘Top Agency’ said in a survey that one out of every five people would like to see a chocolate cake on their birthday. 32 percent people said that their favorite flavor is chocolate. And 4 percent of people said they can’t imagine a cake without chocolate.

In Europe-America, Chocolate Cake Day is celebrated quite lavishly, but in our country it has not yet gained as much popularity as Valentine’s Day or Friends Day. However, due to the welfare of social media, the interest about this day is increasing among Bangladeshis.

Because of social media, America is no longer a very distant country to us. Chocolate Cake Day is celebrated in that country in a grand manner. We are seeing pictures of those celebrations instantly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

In America, many people eat chocolate cake with their friends and relatives on Chocolate Cake Day. Many people make cakes with their own hands. Some of them come to their favorite shop in advance by telling the recipe of their favorite cake and ordering the cake.

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