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‘Titanic’ singer uncertain of stage return due to rare disease

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Most of the music lovers started listening to English songs in the nineties. She is Celine Dion. The magic of his voice is behind the song ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from the famous film ‘Titanic’. A year ago, it was known that he is suffering from a rare neurological disease called ‘Stiff Person Syndrome’.

Celine herself announced the disease in December last year. As a result, he had to cancel several live concerts. This popular Hollywood singer is undergoing treatment since the diagnosis of the disease. However, even after a year of treatment, there was no improvement in the singer’s physical condition.

Recently, Celine’s sister Claudette Dion said in a Canadian newspaper that Celine did not get rid of that rare disease despite living according to the rules. He commented, ‘Celine has never been irregular. Our mother used to say, whatever you do, do it with your heart, you will waste everything in it. Celine has been hearing that forever. It hurts to see him like this.’

Celine is a world famous singer. He is used to worldwide concert tours. That singer is now incapable of singing on stage. When exactly can Celine be seen on stage again?

While answering this question, the impression of uncertainty is also on Claudette’s face. He said, ‘That is the goal of all of us, so that Celine can return to the stage as soon as possible. But the way the disease has taken root, how or when that is possible – none of us understand.’


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