Home News Throwing bricks at the Magistrate’s car on the way back after being fined in Burichong

Throwing bricks at the Magistrate’s car on the way back after being fined in Burichong

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A person has been fined Tk 20,000 for distributing khichuri on behalf of a cauliflower marker candidate in Comilla’s Burichong. There has been a complaint of throwing stones at the car of Assistant Commissioner (Land) of Executive Magistrate Burichong Upazila on his way back after being fined for violating the Election Code of Conduct.

This incident took place in Pirjatrapur Union of Burichong Upazila of Comilla-5 Burichong-Brahmanpara Constituency on Monday.

The matter was confirmed by the victim official. Shamiul Islam. This incident took place when he was on duty as the Executive Magistrate in Comilla-05 Constituency monitoring the code of conduct.

Also, supporters of Awami League candidates in Bakshimul Union and Sholanal Union were fined Tk 20,000 separately for violating the code of conduct.

Md. Chamiul Islam said, ‘On Monday evening, I received information that packed khichuri was being given and fed to the candidate of the cauliflower symbol in Pirjatra Pur Uni of Burichong Upazila. Later, they went to Pirjatrapur High School and seized those khichuri and former UP member Jasim Uddin was fined Tk 20,000. Bricks were pelted at the car of the Executive Magistrate while transporting the seized packets of khichuri to Madras for distribution. The matter has been brought to the notice of Mr. UNO. The Election Monitoring Committee is also aware of the issue.

Burichong Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Khandaker Abul Hasanat said, ‘My party (party) was there. Heard one was fined. I went later. But I have not heard about the incident of bricklayer.

Burichong Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Sahida Akhter said, ‘Elopathiri bricks were thrown at the Executive Magistrate. Although worn in the car, it did not affect anyone. Later I also went – then they dispersed. My 1200 packets of khichuri were given to the orphanage.’

Abul Hashem Khan MP in Comilla-5 constituency and Phulkopi Markash independent candidate Comilla South District Awami League Joint Secretary Sajjad Hossain.


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